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The Devil's Door - a Short Film


Some doors should stay closed. 



After finding disturbing footage of a failed paranormal investigation, a troubled young man is haunted and drawn to the site of the tragedy.


The Devil's Door is a short horror film written in the spring of 2022. Principal photography was completed in May 2022 in Toronto and Eastern Ontario. 

The film functions as both a stand-alone short and a proof of concept first act for a feature production. 




The Devil's Door has been submitted to various film festivals. Any festival screening dates will be posted here. 

Writer & Director - Nathan S.M. Knapp

Producer - Nathan S.M. Knapp

Producer - Tyler Knapp

Editor - Nathan S.M. Knapp

Score by Nathan S.M. Knapp

The Witch Costume Design - Alexa Morgan

Mask Design - Emily Patterson

Key Grip - Ryan Patterson

Camera Operators: Amanda Olano, David Olano, and Emily Patterson

Boom Mic Operators: Amanda Olano and Emily Patterson

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